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November 24, 2022
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ASCILITE2022 Packing List (in-person and online essentials)

This post was contributed by Samantha Poulos

It’s been a while since many of us have been back in person for conferences, so we’ve put together a list of packing essentials for ASCILITE 2022. Aside from the obvious (don’t forget your toothbrush!) here are some things you should bring.

  1. Laptop and phone chargers, power adapters, spare battery packs, solar-powered chargers, wind-powered chargers, any kind of charger!
  2. Your everyday basics (pens, pencils, a notepad or notebook and a water bottle). Even if you don’t end up taking notes yourself, someone else may need a pen and you can swoop in, save the day, and make a new friend in the process.
  3. A shoulder bag or backpack, with some extra space to stash the swag you’ll snag at the sponsor booths.
  4. Comfortable shoes. There’s a lot of standing and walking involved in a full three days of conferencing and sore feet are a sure way to ruin your trip, especially if you’re keen to take our DIY walking tour of Sydney (link to previous post).
  5. Sun safe items (sunscreen, hat, sunglasses). Sydney can get pretty steamy in summer, and it’s always better to be sun safe if you plan on exploring.
  6. An umbrella. A contradiction to the previous item, we know, but it’s not a proper Sydney summer unless you have both rain and sunshine in one day.
  7. Local travel apps. If you plan on travelling to the conference or around Sydney on public transport, TripView or Google Maps are essential to help you plan your bus, tram, ferry, and train times.
  8. Something to wear for the conference dinner. The ‘Masked Ball’ theme is sure to give you lots of outfit options. And if you don’t have anything handy, Newtown’s famous vintage shops will sort you in an afternoon
  9. Face masks if you would like to wear them, as ASCILITE 2022 is very much a ‘masks welcome’ event. We’ll have extras on hand during the conference as well as plenty of hand sanitiser.
  10. A KeepCup — with morning and afternoon tea on every day, bring your own cup and enjoy the endless tea and coffee refills

Now that you’re all packed, there’s just a few more things to do before you are ready for ASCILITE2022:

  • Set your out-of-office notification — don’t be bothered by those pesky work emails
  • Don’t be afraid to say “Hello” — it’s time to reconnect with each other so bring your best smile and dad joke, and be ready to mingle
  • Plan to be social:

For the Zoomies

Don’t think we’ve forgotten all of you online attendees! Here’s a couple of essentials for you to bring along too:

  • Pen and paper, as there’s nothing quite like old fashioned note-taking and doodling as a break from looking at a screen
  • Water — don’t forget to hydrate!
  • A stretching routine — we all know the perils of being in front of a computer too long. We’ve gathered some great deskercise stretches to keep you moving throughout the three days.
  • Your twitter account, to reconnect with all of the other delegates in attendance using our hashtag #ascilite22
  • A blocked off calendar, so that no one from work can throw in a sneaky meeting when you’d rather be participating in a session, watching a pecha kucha, or chatting to one of our sponsors.

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