Factors Influencing Polytechnic Educators’ Behavioural Intentions to use Technology Enhanced Learning Tools: The Structural Equation Modelling Approach [80]
November 14, 2022
Co-creating a digital learning innovation framework through design thinking approaches [140]
November 14, 2022

Online Assessment in Australian University Business Schools: A Snapshot of Usage and Challenges [181]


Whilst most institutions have been using online assessment submission for many decades, the move to fully online delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic meant more traditional forms of assessment also had to move online. In this national study we captured a snapshot of online assessment usage across business disciplines from 97 survey participants from universities in Australia and identified the challenges reported by participants. We found the three most predominant forms of online assessments are written reports and essays, online exams/quizzes and live or recorded presentations. We categorised the reported challenges into 13 groups, and they include academic integrity; additional time and effort for teachers; technology access and service consistency; student preferences and expectations; and changes to feedback. We conclude with a discussion on these challenges. This study contributes not only a better understanding of the usage of online assessment in Australian business education, but also provides a benchmark with which to track and evaluate future shifts in assessment practice.


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