OJS Instructions for Reviewers


Follow these instructions to submit a paper for ASCILITE 2022. You must have already registered on OJS, the online submission management platform.


Step 1 – Navigate to https://publications.ascilite.org/index.php/APUB/login

Login screen of OJS with username and password boxes encircled


Step 2 – Once logged in, you will be taken to “My Queue”. Click on “Review Assignment” to start your review.

Submissions page on OJS with My Queue tab open, and Review Assignment list encircled


Step 3 – Follow the prompts on the page to complete your review.

You will progress through tabs for (1) Request, (2) Guidelines, (3) Download & Review and (4) Completion.

  • Request: Specifically, please (1) agree to the privacy statement and (2) indicate if you are able to “Accept Review” or need to “Decline Review request” (for example in the case of a conflict of interest).

Reviewer response prompts on OJS showing agreement to the privacy statement and buttons for responding

  • Guidelines – please refer to our Guidelines for Reviewers to support you further with completing your review.

Guidelines tab on OJS showing a link to the conference review guidelines

  • Download & Review – please note all fields with an asterisk (*) must be completed.
  • The completion step will acknowledge that your review has been submitted successfully.


Step 4 – Once you have finalized your review you will receive a “Review Acknowledgement” in your registered email.